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Classes & Workshops

The Sunday experience at Light on the Mountains Center for Spiritual Living is great. The music and words inspire us and afterwords we have the opportunity to spend time with old and new friends. But, what then?

To facilitate people taking the next step in their journey we offer a variety of classes and workshops throughout the year. We are dedicated to serving our Spiritual Family by providing them with a quality opportunity to learn and and expand in consciousness. To accomplish this, we have a series of accredited Science of Mind classes, as well as classes that explore other areas of spirituality. We also have classes and workshops that are just for fun and enrichment, with local talent and visiting guests.

Education Program - Core Accredited Classes

There are six certificated courses needed to enter Practitioner studies based on the revised CSL Education catalogue Summer 2014. Please note that you do not need to be working towards Professional Practitioner licensing to take any of the classes, however, all classes require the Foundations class as a per-requisite.

Please watch the calendar and special announcements for current classes and workshops.


FOUNDATIONS of Spiritual Principles
Discover your emerging direction and purpose, and learn spiritual principles and practices that will change your life for the better....forever! This class is the per-requisite for all the Core Classes listed below.

Feast on the devotional writings of Ernest Holmes, and be uplifted and empowered by his teachings for spiritual seekers and leaders. Topics include "Theatre of the Mind, Science Meets Religion, The Inner Knowing, The Untapped Power, and Cosmic Illumination."

The ROOTS of Science of Mind
Deepen your understanding of The Science of Mind by exploring the three greatest influences on Ernest Holmes' that led to our teaching. Reading includes the works of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Thomas Troward, and Emma Curtis Hopkins.

CONSCIOUSNESS COURSEWORK: You can choose three among the following five classes to meet the six-class requirement, however, you can take as many of them as desired:

- Self-Mastery: The Emergence of the True Self

- Spiritual Practices: Meditation, Prayer, and Visioning

- Creative Process in the Individual

- Heart-Mind-Body Connection

- Visioning


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